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Company Overview
SuperPass Company Inc. was founded in 1996 by several world-leading electrical and electronic scholars and engineers who have a strong desire to develop innovative, high performance, and low cost antennas for the booming wireless communication industry.

SuperPass is located in the well-known industrial area, Kitchener/Waterloo, Canada and has a very close relationship with the nearby famous polytechnical institute - the University of Waterloo, which serves as the high-tech research and development base for SuperPass.

SuperPass is a solid entity which devotes itself to the research and development of innovative base station and portable antennas. SuperPass excels at customer antenna design to fit various applications, such as  PCS, WLAN, bluetooth, pagers, PC cards, etc. SuperPass also provides consultant services for RF Transceiver design, EMC/EMI trouble-shooting, and propagation analysis.

SuperPass' newly developed directional panel and omni-directional antennas (patent pending) for both PCS and WLAN are unique antennas featuring excellent overall performance with respect to gain, radiation pattern, size, and cost for both indoor and outdoor applications.

SuperPass gears to innovative technology, high quality, competitive price, and fully customer satisfaction. SuperPass realizes

  • what the market needs;
  • why our antennas are used over competition;
  • who benefits by using our antennas;
  • when a timely supplier is important, and
  • where the future will lead.